Order your B-lite Nutrasail and feel good again

B-Lite powered by a highly bioavailable, complete B-Vitamin complex. B-Lite is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals and organic botanicals that boost metabolism, stimulate fat burning thermogenesis

and curb unhealthy cravings. B-Lite helps fuel your body with essential nutrients so you can enjoy your day with more focus and energy

Safety, Purity, Potency. Unlike many other supplements you find on the market our products do not contain synthetic fillers, additives, binders, sweetners, flavors, colorants, preservatives, stearates, laurates, or sulfates. Not
made from rocks, shells or oysters. Our products are never heated, granulated or irradiated. They are free of corn, egg, gluten, dairy, peanut and shellfish. Each ingredient in Nutrisail products serves a purpose and you will notice it.

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